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Luxury, Seclusion and Warmth

Experience pure bliss in our Glass House with Jacuzzi—a haven of serenity where modern luxury meets nature's beauty. Unwind in the warmth of the jacuzzi while surrounded by breathtaking views. Your perfect escape, where every moment is a celebration of tranquility.

  • Expansive Retreat: Enjoy ample space in our spacious room, measuring 15'x23', providing a generous layout for your comfort.

  • Panoramic Views: Immerse yourself in nature with three sides of the room covered in glass, offering uninterrupted views of the surrounding beauty.

  • Regal Comfort: Drift into a world of luxury on a king-size bed, where comfort meets sophistication for a truly regal experience.

  • Serene Indulgence: Unwind in style with the included jacuzzi, providing a private oasis within your glass enclave—a perfect blend of relaxation and opulence.

    • Season : ₹ 14999/night  |  Off-Season : ₹ 11999/night  |  Christmas/New Year : ₹ 18999/night


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